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How do you make your million-dollar location decisions?

Choosing a new location for your organization is never an easy decision. Just one miscalculation or wrong assumption can make the difference between a new site's success or failure.

The most critical element is labor. You can make compromises on any other factor - incentives, technology, access - but without the right workers, your initiative won't last.

How do you ensure that the site you select has the quality and depth of labor pool that you require? How do you know for sure that there are enough qualified workers in the catchment area to support the launch and future growth of your enterprise?

Do you have the data you need?

Public sector data is often stale or insufficiently precise for making site decisions. Knowing overall levels of unemployment, without knowing how that relates to the specific type of worker you are seeking, is not useful or actionable information.

Undertaking your own private study can take several months and be very expensive. And if you wish to compare several markets, the one-time costs can be prohibitive.

These are blunt tools to be using in a multi-million dollar decision, when what you need is sharply-focused data that's both detailed and current.

Introducing SiteFactor

Advantage Interactive Corporation offers a new information service delivering real-time labor market data to support site selection decisions:

  • Rich, precise information completely customized to your requirements;
  • Consistent data for each area being assessed, so you can compare them;
  • Timely and detailed reports delivered in less than 2 weeks;
  • Data is guaranteed fresh - always less than 30 days old.

Learn how SiteFactor works.

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